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In just three sessions, my recurring neck injury was fixed so I could get back to enjoying sports.

James Lock
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The painkillers my doctor prescribed didn't help but Lyndsy's treatment really relieves my pain and keeps me going.

Keith Sharrett
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I suffer with severe arthritis. Without Lyndsy I would not be able to stand up straight.

June King

Osteopath in Godalming, Surrey

Lyndsy Mills is registered by the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the British Osteopathic Association. Lyndsy is a highly skilled experienced structural osteopath who is a specialist in treating a wide range of musculo-skeletal disorders and injuries.

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Osteopath in Godalming, Surrey

Lyndsy is an osteopath and pilates instructor providing consultations in Godalming, Surrey. Osteopathy diagnoses and treats musculo-skeletal problems. It is a hands on drug-free therapy that uses soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisation and manipulation to alleviate muscle, joint pain and stiffness.

I will examine, diagnose and aim to treat painful or stiff parts of the body to restore mobility and function. I may discuss exercises that you can do to improve your posture and movement in your workplace and at home. Treatment is different for every patient depending on your age, fitness and the diagnosis. I have a huge amount of experience in dealing with a wide range of different injuries and problems, due to my extensive training in Osteopathy, and time spent in the industry since. Specialities include working with dancers, runners, the elderly, and office workers. If you wish to find out further information about my qualifications and skills, check out the "about the practitioner" page.

If you require an osteopath or pilates instructor in Godalming, then contact me today!

NICE Guidelines

NICE - The National Institute for Clinical Excellence recommends a course of manual therapy, including spinal manipulation (including osteopathic), for the early management of persistent non-specific lower back pain.

Problems I can help with

At the osteopath practice, I can help with various different injury types.

Below are some of the cases that I regularly deal with. If you share a problem listed below, then don't hesitate to contact me today!



Hip, knees, ankle and foot pain, sports injuries, cramp & muscle spasms.



Back/Neck pain, repetitive strain injuries, nerve irritation, whiplash.


Expectant mothers

Headaches, circulatory problems, postural problems and back pain.


The elderly

Relief from arthritis, joint stiffness.