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"My back is not giving me any trouble now after your treatment. Thank you for seeing me so promptly and using your combination of therapies to get me moving freely again. After your follow-up and the exercises you gave me I hope I can stop this happening again.

If you are this successful every time you will put yourself out of a job!"

Dr A Tilly

"I met Lyndsy for an emergency muscular contraction in my lower back, upper back, and shoulders. She examined not only the painful parts of my body but myself as a whole. She also had me discuss of my past experiences to understand better my background and the reasons why those problems had occurred in the first place. She is very soft and handles the body with care making sure I was not in anymore pain than necessary. I really recommend her if you have long term/chronic pains especially if you were an athlete of a certain level and have to live with the injuries due to that sport. She was really helpful to me.

M. Harrouet

"Lyndsy is a wonderfully skilled osteopath. She not only has the knowledge and skills to diagnose and effectively treat the problem, but she ensures that the patient undertakes the appropriate measures to take care of themselves. I greatly appreciated Lyndsy's friendly approach, especially as she answered my stream of questions on understanding the physiological factors that cause back pain. Furthermore, I appreciated the care she took during the actual session, and how she ensured that I was comfortable. After the session, my back pain was greatly relieved and I have since ceased to have any problems. I would recommend anyone with back pain to go to Lyndsy to sort themselves out!

Maria DCarvalho

"The best Osteopath I have ever been treated by. Through the years I have been to several Chiropractors/Osteopaths to help me balance my body and relieve muscle ache. Although they have cost me more than a fortune, none were very helpful. Lyndsy has just been brilliant with her work and providing with a service that I will never hesitate to recommend to anyone. Thank you Lyndsy!"

Bonita Bennet

Professional, good diagnostics and surprisingly strong, soon sorted my neck problem and ensured I was in good working order for an extended cycling trip. Would recommend and would return if needed.

Andy Hicks

I am actor and had bad shoulder pain for years, massage never worked. When I when to see Lyndsy she sorted my right out! I only get the pain every so often and her magic usually lasts me well over a year. She is worth every penny!

Charlotte Chinin

I do ballet and suffered from back, shoulder and knee problems. I tried many other therapists such as sports physios and chiropractors and I still find Lyndsy's treatment the best. She's definitely the best osteopath I have ever visited. I would recommend Lyndsy without further reservation.

Sue Sein

I two months ago I had a severe relapse in my right arm of a) tendonitis around the elbow, coupled with carpal tunnel damage and b) rotator cuff pain, stemming from a sports injury. These are recurring problems that I have had for nearly 20 years. Lyndsy gave me several sessions of acupuncture, plus manipulation of the surrounding tissues. Within a few sessions my shoulder pain was nearly gone, and good progress was made on my elbow on down after weeks of getting nowhere with drugs and ice. She was extremely professional and helpful, and got me back on the right track after not being able to lift my arm at all. I highly recommend her.

Rob Corrigan

I regularly have the need for the services of an osteopath and recently arranged to see Lyndsy through the local practice where I live.

I have suffered lower back pain for about 30 years and have had treatment by osteopaths for most of that time. All were good, however, Lyndsy was easily the best I have experienced. She is very thorough and professional. As a self-employed person it is essential that I do not lose time off work. Lyndsy was brilliant and had me up and"running" so to speak in no time.

At very short notice she also assisted my Mother in Law who was suffering badly with her back. I am pleased to say that she made her life a lot more comfortable.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lyndsy. She is excellent.

Graham Forster

I have total confidence in Lyndsy. I am a manual worker and suffer with lower back and sciatica problems and also shoulder and neck problems. Her treatment relieves the pain more or less by the next day. I highly recommend Lyndsy if it wasn't for her treatment I am sure i would be losing a lot of time off work. Excellent

Steven Walton

A lifesaver! I'd suffered a recurring back problem and tried sports physio many times in the past - so thought it was time for a different treatment. Lyndsy was excellent - she diagnosed my problem and explained what was happening to my back and the treatment needed. I felt really confident and relieved and after just a few sessions I'd reversed years of pain and discomfort. I can't recommend Lyndsy highly enough. Excellent.

Marco Scarola